Design and Planning Services

We begin each project by assessing the client’s individual needs and requirements. Based on this information, we can use existing plans, or partner with an architect to develop the plans for a new home or addition transformation. Before we start any work, it is essential for clients to review the plans, understand the scope of work involved and provide final approval. Once all changes are made and approved, RMZ GROUP begins working on the project with a clean scope of work for both builder and homeowner.

                                   Real Estate

Market Insight

  • Free market evaluation
  • Personalized consultation and customized marketing plan
  • Specialized expertise in Canada ,United State , United Arab Emirates , Iran

Sales Expertise

  • In-depth knowledge of local resale markets and residential demand
  • Expertise in listings to motivate buyers, maximize selling price and encourage quick sales
  • State-of-the-art internet/website posting technology
  • Regular update on market conditions and listing activities

Personalized Services

  • Pre-qualification of potential buyers
  • Co-ordination of “open houses” and showings
  • Professional sales negotiations on your behalf

Market Insight

  • Market consultation and evaluation advice
  • Top listings of premium investment properties
  • Specialized expertise in Canada ,United State , United Arab Emirates , Iran

Customized Services

  • Customized location, size and amenity searches tailored to your budget and specifications
  • Advanced internet search engine technology
  • On-going monitoring of market conditions and listing activities

Personalized Representation

  • Professional purchase negotiations on your behalf

Project Management

RMZ GROUP coordinates all aspects of the construction project including:

  • Customer selections
  • Supervising overall construction
  • Managing all trade workers
  • Negotiating discounts with vendors and suppliers
  • Scheduling materials and product selections
  • Overseeing material and product deliveries
  • Conducting inspections
  • Managing financial budgets.